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three women in colorful saris looking out an open window at a white building behind them
National Geographic Your Shot
A window on Taj Mahal Photo by bisiaux stephane — National Geographic
how to take white background pictures and simple steps to perfect white for photoshopping
How to Take White Background Pictures - Lines Across
A helpful four step tutorial on how to take white background pictures that have a bright white background. No more gray!
two people sitting on a bench near a pool with a heart shaped balloon in the air
Max Wanger Blog
max wanger blog » photography + randomness
a black and white photo of a woman with her hair blowing in the wind,
tyler_tiberius_01_02.jpg (изображение «JPEG», 460x689 пикселов)
a woman with her eyes closed wearing pearls and a black necktie is seen through the shadow of a tree on her face
Julia Morozova
Lace shadow