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by Sumeja, via Flickr Vintage, Flora, Retro, Nice, Backgrounds, Inspiration, Aesthetic, Hoa
by Sumeja, via Flickr
a black and white photo of a woman with sunglasses on her face, looking to the side
Home - Tempo da Delicadeza
Richard Avedon - Tempo da Delicadeza
a man is holding an old camera in front of his face while another woman stands behind him
Richard Avedon & Sophia Loren
a black and white tiled bathtub with a checkered tile pattern on the floor
aubreylstallard: Adriana Varejão
a man laying on top of a wooden chair next to a white wall in a room
kostis fokas Photography
two women in swimsuits are jumping off a bench and another woman is sitting on a chair behind them
Jerry Hall~ Helmut Newton
a woman in a shark boat with her mouth open
Self portrait
a woman in a pink dress is leaning on the wing of an airplane with her legs spread out
Helmut Newton