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legos are lined up on the wall to form shelves
Decorating on a Budget — Bibby and Brady
Another of my new series for 2014 is 'decorating on a budget' - tips and ideas for ways to beautify your home without breaking the bank. Today I've got a few different ideas for you to try... Decorate with nature: Mother Nature is the most discerning artist, hands down, so take advantage of her creations. Bringing nature inside adds life, texture, shape, and colour. You don't have to spend a lot of money at a florist, just look to your own backyard. Whether it's a singe flower, a branc...
the lego table has four different parts to make it easier for kids to play with
This easy LEGO table IKEA hack is a play table and storage all in one.
easy DIY LEGO table from IKEA hack
there are three pictures of different beds in the same room, one is made out of cardboard
DIY Space Saving Bed Frame Design Free Plans Instructions
DIY IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Platform Bed Instructions - DIY Space Savvy Bed Frame Design Concepts Instructions
this is an image of a table made out of wood and plastic material with cars on it
DIY Projects for Kids Inspired by Race Car Tracks - HomeDesignInspired
#17. Use an old cable spool to create this surprising toy car station.
three pictures of the inside of a room with stairs and desks in it, including a bed
This Kids Bedroom Has A 'Nest' For Them To Play In
PROJECT905, Moscow apartment kids' "nest"
a child's potty seat sitting on top of a toilet
LTD Commodities
Best potty seat ever. It encourages independence from the start.