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Das Unschuldige Mädchen, dass ich war, ist tot, ich töte sie, weil sie in dieser Welt nie überleben würde / The Innocent Girl that I was is dead , I kill her because she would never survive in this world

What a depressing quote. I love the art style of the picture though.<<the quote might be depressing but it's true

I'm died  #died #save #me

I'm died #died #save #me

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I'd rather know the truth so we both be be free or to see what happens... lies and secrets nearly destroyed us/me and I'm strong enough to handle the complete truth and to help you handle yours Together. So please tell me everything good and bad

I rather know the truth so that we are all free or to see what happens . the lies and secrets have almost destroyed us / I am strong enough to handle the complete truth and to help you manage yours together.

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