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How To Fold A Napkin With A Menu

This is the napkin fold I'd like to do for the wedding. I tried it out and it's pretty easy. I'll put the menu card inside, and we can put a sprig of berries (maybe fake) on top.

Open shelves with glass and cutlery on display, Amarylis flower bulbs in old containers, all on a tray, white candles in glass, everything together on top of a cabinet painted white - VIBEKE DESIGN

the galvenized buckets topped with pine cones and moss for housing bulb forcing! just great for holidays or continuing into january which totally cheers me up after all the Christma(Table Top Trays)

HOUSE CITY: The old black stove in the middle between the kitchen and living room was replaced by a large, whitewashed hearth fireplace.  It is visible from all sides on the ground floor.  It is designed by Tove Seberg and bricked by Oddbjørn Thick, Alvdal.

what i love here, is the wood pit next to the fireplace. i have an old bookshelf directly next to my fireplace that i would love to relocate to the living room. this is a great idea to replace the bookshelf.