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How to Soften Brown Sugar in 20 Seconds from, I do this and it actually works! I have since started making my own brown sugar (one less container in my pantry and I know it's fresh every time!)

How to Soften Brown Sugar in a microwavable glass bowl place hard brown sugar cover with damp paper towel then cover with plate or lid that fits on bowl. microwave for 20 seconds break up sugar pieces microwave again if needed brown sugar is ready to use

27 Incredibly Clever DIYs All True Book Lovers Will Appreciate

now I know what to do with my frames. Cool bookshelf idea: Thrift store frame + simple wooden box + paint and hooks. It's like DIY shadow boxes!this would be so cute for the new apartment!

24 Vintage Pictures Of Paris Life In The 1920s

The Eiffel Tower is shown peeking between the Parisian back streets. 24 Vintage Pictures Of Paris Life In The

“A Plotting of Fiction Genres” print by Pop Chart Lab

Giant Poster Plots All the Many Fiction Genres - if I had any non-shelves wall space in my library, this would be an excellent addition.

“Superhero Reader Girl” print by Irena Sophia

Superhero Reader Girl print of original drawing by Irena Sophia. Proof that reading makes you cooler, because we all secretly want to be superheros and wear capes all of the time

The Beauty Bar: DIY Bath Bombs

The Beauty Bar: DIY Bath Bombs 1 cup citric acid 1 cup baking soda ½ cup cornstarch ½ cup melted coconut oil drops of essential oil(s) Silicone molds or paper cupcake liners Food coloring (optional)