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This is a land full of color and diversity from one region to the next. History, traditions, art, music, dance and more...

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Músicos afroperuanos

Músicos afroperuanos

Peruvian textiles have an incredibly rich tradition, with pre-Incan museums all around the country featuring beautiful textiles. In Paracas, the textile art is considered exquisite and delicate. Dating from around 600 BC these textiles were used to wrap mummies, in layer after layer of ornate and finely woven textiles.

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Machiguenga man carving canoe, Manu National Park, Peru

Frans Lanting Studio

Machiguenga man carving canoe, Manu National Park, Peru

Traditional handmade wool hats. This picture was taken in Chucuito Peru near Puno


My Peruvian heritage is a great source of inspiration for me. The colors of Peru are so vibrant and there is such vast contrast in the land. There is the Amazon Rain Forest, the coastal beaches, the arid land and the mountains. Each area of Peru has a distinct type of native dress and artistry. I've traveled all over the country and am constantly amazed at the beauty and creativity that abounds. Craftsmanship and artistry has always been a way of life in Peru. Archeologist continually…

Coastal culture / Present day Caballitos de Totora (little reed horses) fishermen in Huanchaco, La Libertad - Peru.


This photo from La Libertad, North is titled 'Caballitos de Totora'.

Marinera dance, Trujillo, La Libertad, Peru
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Watch Trailer | The Last Bridge Master

The Bridge Master's Daughter

Peru...Both men and women weave beautiful colorful hats, ponchos, and scarves.

Peruvian native dress, Andes region

Peruvian native dress, Andes region

Afro Peruvian Music.

OMEA- Afro Peruvian Music

The very first workshop I went to at OMEA a few weekends ago was one on Afro Peruvian Music. It was given by Amy Beegle who s a professor at the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. This music is so fun to listen to and easy to incorporate into a lesson because it is basically just layered percussion ostinatos with vocals. Have a listen: - Samba Malato While at the workshop I learned a little history of the style…

Pink " polleras"...Cuzco Days parade, Peru

Pink " polleras"...Cuzco Days parade, Peru

Posing for photos, a boy and his llama


Cute little Peruvian boy in colorfull traditional clothing with his Alpaca

Reliving the Inca days, Cusco, Peru............... by Sergio Pessolano, via Flickr


Cusco, Peru - Inti Raymi Festival

Liz performs in a folk dance group in Peru, showcasing the grace and history of her community.

Liz performs in a folk dance group in Peru, showcasing the grace and history of her community.

Huancavelica turismo PERU

Huancavelica Turismo - Turismo en el Peru | lugares turisticos del peru | turismo chincha

Huancavelica Turismo: Huancavelica es acogedora, se puede llegar a través de las dos grandes rutas que atraviesan los andes del Perú, la Carretera Central vía Ticlio, Concepción y Huancayo, y la de Los Libertadores, por Huaytará y Rumichaca, nos llevan a ella. Esos viajes nos introducen a la personalidad de uno de los departamentos menos […]