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an iphone screen with the words and numbers on it
sad songs playlist
an image of some type of music on the screen
Leaving Facebook
an ipod with headphones on top of it, surrounded by other mp3 player's
good songs for a sad playlist or after a breakup
an apple airpods sitting on top of a bed covered in earbuds and magnets
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Jimi Hendrix, Throwback Songs, Music Recommendations
an image of some mp3 player's with the words recommended 100 %
the classic road trip playlist
The best road trip playlist
the you'll be okay playlist is shown in pink and white with black lettering
+"the banana King Song" if someone needs a little cheer up... Depression depressing thoughts depressive cut cutting i wanna cut i deserve all of this im done im giving up suicide suicidal thoughts kill myself kill me i hate myself alone lonely empty dead inside unloved unneeded worthless dying inside help me im drowning crying tears scars bruises self harm blood pills tired sad depressed
a note with writing on it that says, you want to cry if you win to cry
When you need a good cry listen to any of these songs ( songs first then artist )