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Painting with light.. by Susie Dwyer

Painting with light. by Susie Dwyer

100 Smashing Examples of #Light #Painting #Photography (Get A Break From Work Already)

100 Smashing Examples of Light Painting Photography (Get A Break From Work Already)

ES9- Beginner Light Painting Photography

Major noob at light painting, hopefully this post helps :)

Light painting in a empty vase

Vase light paint by

Majestuoso (English Chocolate Lab)

Beautiful black lab photo: Alexander Heinrichs on

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Black & white Camera close up ready to shoot pics of new outfit

used to scribe a cut line precisely to your too wavy wall.

[Precision Scribes] mark a scribe line on the guide board using a pencil and a small washer - Woodworking Techniques - American Woodworker

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Effective tool for mirroring cutouts.

cello by Nelson Rietzke

8 X 12 Black and White Fine Art Photography Print, Cello. You have no idea how beautiful this is, the Cello is my favorite instrument.


What a beautiful angle. Catches the personality of this horse. What I see is a strong, fearless horse that loves the wind.