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📌PROCURANDO RECURSOS PEDAGÓGICOS? 📌📚Obtenha recursos pedagógicos PRONTOS para a educação infantil e ensino fundamental ! Basta acessar este pin!
several children in a classroom playing with baseball bats
TAP IT OUT - Steady Beat & Cross-lateral Movement to Begin the New Year!
a group of children sitting on the floor with their teacher
DRUMS: Rat-a-tap-tap Rhythms with Reasons!
Drumming - combine with learning spelling, vocab or math skills for the musical learner or tactile learner.
a person holding a wooden stick in front of some glasses with green liquid on them
Can You Make Music with Water?
Make sound with water - add food coloring or liquid water paint to a pitcher of water & pour different amount to tall glass vases. Have little one tap each vase to see the different sounds. Use same color in each vase so little one learns it is the amount of water that changes the sound.
two pictures with different designs on them, one is made out of glass and the other has
How to make easy spin drum
Jeux de musique . Faire un tambour à tourner entre les doigts
the words 5 awesome kid - made wind chimes hanging from strings
5 Awesome Kid Made Wind Chimes
Kids love wind chimes because they awaken the senses. The sights and sounds are fascinating to our children. That’s why making wind chimes is a great project for kids. Check out these 5 totally cool ones and then make some noise with your kiddos.
a sign that says can you make music with water? in front of five glasses
Pre-K Science: Sense of Sound Activities
My students are always amazed with how science and music relate. I'm adding this to my files this year!
two green cups sitting next to each other on top of a white table with pink string
How to Make a Paper Cup Phone
How to make a paper cup phone -- fun kids science experiment!
corn shakers in a glass jar with ribbon
Thanksgiving Music Corn Shakers Activity
Corn Shakers Music Activity for Preschoolers. Great for a fall, harvest, or Thanksgiving theme. Discover the educational benefits of using shakers in the classroom to enhance early learning!
an outdoor garden with pots and pans hanging from it's sides, in front of some bushes
Tanya Briggs (briggs1877)
Outdoor Instruments on Pinterest | Music Wall, Musical Instruments ...