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a man sitting at a piano with his hands on the keys and fingers pointing to it
Hearing Glenn Gould Play ‘Goldberg Variations’ Anew
black and white photograph of a man leaning over a piano playing the piano with his eyes closed
a man is sitting in front of an organ and looking at the camera with his hand on his chin
Glenn Gould plays Bach's Goldberg variations, Partitas 1-6 and Concerto BWV 974
Glenn Gould
black and white photograph of a man walking in an auditorium with his hand on his hip
Ordinary Finds
Glenn Gould
an old photo of a man with his hand on his face and the words glenn gold bach written in spanish
Glenn Gould - Bach - Partita No. 5 In G Major, Partita No. 6 In E Minor
two men sitting at a table with books and papers in front of them, looking down
Don Hunstein Gallery
a man sitting on top of a chair next to a piano
Glenn Gould-Bach's Goldberg Variations (Part 1 of 6)