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there is a fire place in the middle of a room with white curtains on it
Rauhallisia hetkiä Rantapuistossa - Valkoinen Harmaja
Hotel Rantapuisto
a living room with a fire place, rug and potted plant on the floor
Tour an Eclectic 96-Year-Old Bungalow Boasting a Bold Blue Kitchen
Fireplace with hand painted tiles and midcentury modern plant stand.
a room with a fire in the fireplace
Fireplace Styles: 100+ Design Ideas
Fireplace Styles: 100+ Design Ideas
a room with a fireplace and white walls
Verneuil fireplace - Kolkhoze
Victoria Wilmotte: Verneuil fireplace, limited edition of 12, white Carrara marble and cast steel €15 000
an empty room with white walls and wood flooring, two mirrors on the wall
Top 10 Interior Trends for the Post-Pandemic World
Top Interior Design Trends for 2021 | SampleBoard Blog
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in front of a large window
Casa da família Rosenbaum | Campos do Jordão
Um terreno em declive cercado pela natureza de Campos do Jordão foi o local escolhido para abrigar a nova casa onde a família Rosenbaum passa adoráveis finais de semana. Há alguns anos, nesse mesmo…
a white sculpture is sitting on the floor
Shaina Mote
Constructing the Narrative: The Work of Artist Valentine Schlegel – Shaina Mote
an empty room with a fire place in the center and two columns next to it
a modern living room with white walls and wood flooring
Tama's Tee House - Luigi Rosselli Architects
Luigi Rosselli Architects | Tamas Tee House | The Roscharch Blotch fireplace, located centrally in the open plan living floor, as with the traditional northern European 'Stube', with its centrally located stove. The freeform gas fireplace is the pivoting point at the intersection of the dining room, TV room and kitchen, with the main stair spinning out tangentially. The gas burner is inserted into a masonry base, finished with a Rockcote render. | © Prue Roscoe | #LuigiRosselliArchitects
a living room with a fire place and bookcases on either side of the fireplace
Albert Park Terrace by Wellard Architects | Australian Architecture | est living
a large white stove sitting inside of a kitchen next to a table with a basket on it
This Airbnb in the California Desert is Also a Shoppable Design Showroom - Sight Unseen
Casa Mami14