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a man and woman standing next to each other with a bag on their back's shoulder
Collection 06
Thisispaper Collection 06
several vases and other decorative objects are arranged on a wooden table in front of a striped wall
Art, Francesca, Textile Artists, Fabric Photography
a pink and white cone sitting on top of a black table next to a green wall
three different colored objects on top of each other in the air with steam coming from them
an apple, carrots, and other food items are flying through the air
an object made out of doughnuts and marshmallows on a stick
Mini Title — Portfolio Fashion, Portfolio, Mini, Life, White, Dress, White Dress
Mini Title
Mini Title — Portfolio
a white dress laying on top of an orange background
Mini Title
Mini Title — Portfolio
three women standing in front of a red wall with their backs to each other,
Instagram Footwear, Shoes, Pumps, Creative Shoes, Shoe Brands, Shoe Image, Me Too Shoes, Zapatos
there are many different colored glass vases on the table together and one is empty
Blenko Glass Ad 1964
On the back cover of the March/April 1964 issue of Craft Horizons.