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a man with glasses and a white shirt is holding his hand on his chest while looking at the camera
Реакция ~Токийские Мстители~ - С ДНЁМ РОЖДЕНИЯ МИЦУЯ (✿^‿^)✨🎉💞🥂💠
a drawing of a woman with black hair and piercings on her ears, wearing a hoodie
токийские мстители - Реакция на то что Т/и доминирует
an anime character with pink hair wearing a white shirt and black blazer, holding his hand to his ear
an anime character with glasses on his head
『токийские мстители - реакции』
an anime character wearing a purple jacket and white shirt
°Токийские Мстители°ТокРев°
a woman in a black dress holding a piece of paper next to a green wall
Токийские мстители как Яндере ^_^ - 11. Такаши Мицуя
#wattpad # Яндере как смысл жизни🤟🏻