Ingvill Skage Nøttveit

Ingvill Skage Nøttveit

Life is not measured by the numbers of breaths we take, but by the numbers of moments that take our breath away -
Ingvill Skage Nøttveit
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"I am forever chaged.. you will not be forgotten." Never will you be forgotten our beautiful angel, Lucy Kate.

I am forever changed. 💔 kissed you goodbye and cried over how wonderful you are. Tear hear Eli sob so hard and yell for his mommy just break me apart. I am forever changed and I know you want me to forever be his rock. I promise I will . I promise

Need to remember this

Grace, grace and more grace. {internally struggling with this one lately. I am kind, but dejected by the fact that so often it's unappreciated and unreciprocated when I might need it. Must remember this.


"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.A Milne. This quote is perfect for Eeyore. He is always depressed and lethargic, but it takes true friends like Pooh and Piglet to see the sweet and kind "person" he really is.