Ingun Petersen-Øverleir

Ingun Petersen-Øverleir

Ingun Petersen-Øverleir
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40 Brilliant DIY Organization Hacks via Brit + Co.

Clamp Cord Holder organize organization organizing organizing diy organizing ideas cleaning home organization organizing tips diy organization kids organization office organization Brilliant!

Turn Photo Negatives Into Artsy, Personalized Lamps

Lamps that illuminate your photo negatives! Do you have tons of negative film laying around from those days before you made the switch to a digital camera? Here& a cool project to put those negatives to good use.

10 Surprising Foods You Can Freeze

10 Surprising Foods You Can Freeze ~ You already know that the freezer is a good place to stow steak and chicken. But it works equally well for some far less obvious items. Try freezing the

Tror jeg må prøve å sy noe som ligner på dette. Fint!

EDIT: Pattern is now available at my store! I couldn't resist making a polka-dot Emmeline apron for this month's Tie One On. For those of you wondering about the release date for the Emmeline Apron and the Mischievous Gnome Messenger.

Jeg har laget ring av en gammel knapp :-)   New ring made from an old button :-)

Jeg har laget ring av en gammel knapp :-) New ring made from an old button :-)

Magnetic Cups - no more using 50 cups a day for drinks of water. GREAT for KIDS!

Tired of kids asking for a drink of water every two seconds and pulling new cups out of the cupboard? Why not make cups that stick on the fridge with magnets? They can grab a cup, get their own water, then stick it back in the same spot. How fun!