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twin flames | it is said that twin flames also called twin souls

Twin Flame Confusion – Are You Facing This? Much has been written about the concept of Twin Flames, with many channelled opinions and deep beliefs in current circulation.

Oh Dear Lord, Not again! LMAO!

for the love if fifty shades of grey fb page

Restraints obviously can be fun, when under the influence of drugs

Ahh, Neal drugged up.

White Collar, such a smart and funny show! I ♥ Neal Caffrey  No problem following the suggestion on the picture

I just finished watching the entire series. It's been two hours and I'm already having withdrawals 😭❤️

Awww poor Neal!  a light massage to the temples, and he's sleep it off like a baby.

Neal with a headache :(

You Wanna Do What To Me?!?  A long list, and it starts with a soothing massage...

You Wanna Do What To Me. Lol I liked that caption thought I'd keep it. Ah, please be Christian grey

Tempted? yes, but my mother always told me to stay away from sexy men offering me something. ( and I sometimes get a temporary hearing problem with those advices, wonder why?? :-) )

Matt Bomer, White Collar Season 4 Promo by Nigel Parry

is there anything this amazing actor can not make look hot???

Matt Bomer--White Collar, Magic Mike, and hopefully 50 Shades :)

It's not possible to be wrong when everything looks right. My main reason to love thursdays <3

White Collar There's no wrong answer on this one.