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three white candles sitting on top of a glass plate
cute cakes
Christmas candle cake. Adorable.
a decorated cake with a snowman on top
Cake Blog, Because Every Cake has a Story!
Snowman cake
there is a cake decorated with deer and leaves on the top, sitting on a glass plate
CakeJournals December favourites - Cake Journal
CakeJournals December favourites • CakeJournal.com
a christmas tree shaped cake on top of a table
Christmas tree cake
Cute cake
a white cake with gold bows and ornaments on top
Gold Christmas Cake
Gold Christmas Cake
a blue cake decorated with snowflakes and stars
Birthday & Celebration Cakes
Christmas ornament cake
three decorated oranges on a plate with a white bow around the top, and two are sitting side by side
gold bauble christmas cakes
a close up of a santa clause face on a green background
Tutoriel Chaussures de Football en pâte à sucre, photos + vidéo - Blog Planete Gateau
Tutoriel Chaussures de Football en pâte à sucre, photos + vidéo
a blue and white christmas ornament sitting on top of a doily covered table
Christmas Bauble Cake
Christmas bauble cake - Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!! :)
a three tiered cake with white frosting and ornaments on top, sitting on a table
Uinque Wedding cakes
Beautiful Winter Design
a white frosted cake with snowflakes on it and a lit candle in the middle
candlecake1 | Dimitrana S | Flickr
four different types of paper christmas trees
Cake & Cupcake Toppers Inspiration - Christmas, Pine Tree Styles, Fondant