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Love this idea - Staple fabric to the box spring then add furniture legs

skip the bedframe : staple fabric to the boxspring then add furniture legs.skip the bedframe : staple fabric to the boxspring then add furniture legs

Concrete stepping stones that look like pillows.

Tuffits: Concrete stepping stones which look like pillows! Concrete stepping stones that look like vintage pillows. Get old pillows, lather with petroleum jelly, cover with plaster of paris. once hardened, remove pillow and fill mold with concrete!

Coat planters with glow-in-the-dark paint for instant night lighting. | 32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are BorderlineGenius

DIY - Glow in the dark pots with mums for fall/Halloween. Buy a flower pot that you really like and use Rustoleum's Glow-in-the-dark paint to paint the pot. During the day, the paint will absorb the sunlight and at night the pots will glow.

sequins or glitter inside of a lampshade - creates a reflective light effect with a simple bulb.

Lampenschirm 45 cm "black & gold sequins"

Do this with gun metal glitter for floating bedside table lamps. - Coat the inside of a lampshade with glitter to create a cool reflective light effect. I 31 Cheap And Easy Decorating Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

Free Homemade Baking Mix Labels and Recipes.

Free Homemade Baking Mix Labels and Recipes

Awesome idea Free Homemade Baking Mix Labels and Recipes. Would also make great gifts.

Old windows and wood pallets greenhouse

I WOULD LOVE TO BUILD THIS! Another pinner said "This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I can't wait for my husband to build my greenhouse with the old windows from my parents house.Old windows and wood pallets greenhouse"

making glitter branches-pretty and cheap holiday decor! cool!

Holiday Decorating Video: Making Sparkly Branches

Gold glitter branches interspersed with just plain gold branches Long branches as center pieces! Making glitter branches-pretty and cheap holiday decor

DIY Tissue Paper Flower

DIY Tissue Paper Flower, Gift Wrap Topper, Tutorial, DIY -Would be so cute for birthdays or christmas!

Natural weed killer: 2c white vinegar + 1T dish soap + 1T. salt. Blend and pour into a spray bottle. Will kill anything! (Easily gets rid of all those weeds growing in the cracks and seams of the driveway.)

This works great! Natural Weed Killer: 2 cups white vinegar 1 Tbsp dish soap 1 Tbsp salt blend and pour into spray bottle. Easily kills weeds growing in cracks & seams of driveways etc.

Handwriting fonts galore

Handwriting Fonts (collection of 50 FREE fonts)

50 free handwriting fonts from the Shabby Creek Cottage. These fonts were created by Shabby Creek and not collected from the web.

Put lace over a drawer/piece of wood (or, dare I say, metal filing cabinet?!) and spray paint through it, leaving the lace design painted on the wood... Click on the image to view the blog where you can see the final project - :)!

Put lace over a drawer or piece of wood, spray paint through it, leaving the painted lace design on the wood. Would be awesome with dark wood and cream spray paint!

Glitter, glue, canvas..... Tip of the Pinterest Day: Spray with Extra Hold Hair Spray to keep Glitter in Place!

Glitter Reindeer on Canvas. Use glitter, a canvas, a template or draw it on yourself, glue painted on with a brush, and a toothpick to smooth out your lines. Shake off excess glitter then spray the whole thing with extra-hold hairspray.