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two men in jail cells one is talking on the phone
Admiral Eyebrows
((Open RP)) I am in a dark room you look at me from your cell next to mine- I'm in a state of confusion and fear- "where are we" I ask you
a man standing in the middle of a field with birds flying around him and his shirt off
[Beast, Royal of Animal] Animal Possession: The power to possess the bodies of…
a person standing in the woods holding a light
Something in the darkness pulled me deeper Something in the madness eased my mind Was I awake or was I dreaming Cut the strings that bind me to mankind ~Candice Night~
a woman's face with long hair and blue eyes is shown in the dark
This Is What Your Eyes Tell Others About Your Hidden Emotions
photo by Joseph Tran (march 2012) didn't give a name. "Just sav" Xian Mikol?
the princess mia loved by the people instaque quote on stone wall background
Character inspiration. Don't know who this could be, but...
Gabriel                                                                                                                                                     Más Charcoal Drawings, World Of Darkness, Pahlawan Super, Art Manga, Deviant Art, Fantasy Male, Guy Drawing, Arte Fantasy
Concept Art by Gerry Arthur | Art and Design
Gabriel Más
a woman laying on her back in the water
Pourquoi rêvent-on de tomber dans le vide ?
Pourquoi rêvons-nous parfois que nous tombons dans le vide
@youngshizzle ♔
@youngshizzle ♔
Odd scenes always spark a story for me. What is going on here? What just happened or is going to happen? And is that a bathtub?! J Tattoo, Výtvarné Reference, 남자 몸, Fotografi Vintage, Foto Art
Pornographic Picture: Fotos
Odd scenes always spark a story for me. What is going on here? What just happened or is going to happen? And is that a bathtub?!
a woman standing in the rain on a city street
Pain is a Real Thing, but so is Surviving. | elephant journal
#pain #survival Photo: Andréa Portilla on Flickr
a woman sitting on top of a roof next to a building
Urbex in Poland
PLEASE READ: who should I RP as? if you want to see my style check out my tumblr ( ) I can do any fandom. (no bands) but I want to know what character you guys want to see more of! (@dawnsided )
a person is in the water with their head on his back and arms around him
idlewild diaries
I was just lying there, too numb to realize that I was freezing and too tired to realize I was in water. I couldn't remember how to move, how to get up. I had this hollow feeling in my chest, a black hole that was devouring every good thing I had been. And beyond my head was a paper boat, one of the boats he had made me. It sailed away on ripples that were coming from my shivering body.
a woman wearing goggles and holding her hair
precious things
"You mean it." Sophie finished for him as she lifted the goggles up. << "You're actually crazy." She snorted and rolled her eyes.