very nice visual representation for a project in service design //Service Design Portfolio by Amy Cotton, via Behance

My little service design portfolio. Showcasing a few examples of the service design work I have been involved with.

Recently finished up putting together a style for how we want to present our personas.

Persona Cards

Persona cards

Working with the marketing team to develop internal reference materials, I was responsible for the design of persona posters and guidebooks that represented target user demographics. Final persona documents included guidebooks, posters and cue cards.

These are sample MailChimp customer personas. They use real people posters with descriptive adjectives displayed in the background.

Does Banksy beat Bacon? Artist top trumps – in pictures

Does Banksy beat Bacon? Artist top trumps – in pictures

Hockney and Bourgeois go head-to-head for the most beautiful, and it’s a face-off between Picasso, Mondrian and Hirst for the ultimate ‘shock of the new’ effect. Now you can pit legendary artists against each another in a card game for art lovers