Make A Statement: 5 ways to jazz up your digits

lisa mitchell photographed by cybele malinowski for yen magazine.

I love this portrait! Everything from the floral blouse, her hairstyle, and the silly/joyful expression on her face. I would love to have some fun portraits like this for my website!


Clint Eastwood in denim. GQ Men of the Year cover photo. Still a badass to this day

Tess Mercer - Devastated after the death of her twin sister, her ability manifested itself so that she could create duplicates of herself. So far, she can only create one copy of herself--probably to fill the void that her dead sibling left.

chloe sevigny

Connected bold documentation of small bits and pieces to tell your story. Up close, energetic and spontaneous. My mission is to observe quietly.

Vilhelm Hammershoi

Seated Figure (Anna Hammershoi), 1884 by Hammershoi

Vilhelm Hammershøi, Seated Figure (Anna Hammershoi), 1884 I almost feel as if the person in this painting is going to turn to me to and speak.

'Untitled', by Julia Hetta

Emerging talent at Amsterdam's Unseen Photo Fair 2013

abby hutchison  boots and pine

abby hutchison boots and pine