Ingerid Finsveen

Ingerid Finsveen

Ingerid Finsveen
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several cute pinecone crafts (with links)

Pinecone Christmas Trees What you need: Pinecones Small pom poms Craft glue What you do: This is one of the easiest holiday crafts for kids. Give each child a collection of small pom poms and glue. Let each child add to create their own holiday tree!

Old tshirts = new necklace

T-Shirt necklace! Join us November 27 at Mann to make these t-shirt scarf/necklaces! Bring your t-shirt and we have some embellishments to add of you would like!

Beautiful braided silk necklaces.

of 33 > Braided Dupioni Silk Necklace Dupioni silk in sherbet shades has a lovely luster. When you tear the fabric into strips, it frays, giving this braided necklace a soft, fringed look. How to Make the Braided Dupioni Silk Necklace