320-13 Flamingo pattern by Dale Garn

The Flamingo Round Yoke Cardigan is part of the Dale Garn 320 Urban Retro collection. It is available in English only as an individual pattern for purchase through Ravelry or at www.

This recipe is available free (in Norwegian only) at this webpage: http://littleteapotstories.blogspot.no/2015/01/strikkeopp...

Choose from twelve fabulous and gorgeous Icelandic Sweater Patterns. I fell in love with these Lopapeysa on my trip to Iceland.

Wiolakofta fins på norsk per februar 2015 og er bare publisert i ukebladet Familien og på ipad-appen med samme navn.

Wiolakofta pattern by Kristin Wiola Ødegård

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