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two bowls with different designs on them sitting on a table next to plates and cups
Ceramic bowl
a bathroom with red and white tile on the floor, sink, mirror and bathtub
a stained glass window with potted plants next to it and hanging from the ceiling
pretty window in room
a bottle of champagne with a pink ribbon around it's neck on a polka dot background
a close up view of an old quilt with many different colors and designs on it
Hand embroidered crazy patchwork on tea dyed fabrics.Debbie Irving
a white toilet sitting next to a sink in a bathroom under a window on top of a tiled floor
Subway Mosaics | Artful Expressions. Enduring Mosaics
a chandelier made out of paper flowers and lily pads hanging from the ceiling
an old quilt hanging on the wall next to a brick wall with flowers and leaves
patchwork quilting
quilt inspiration
a quilted bed with blue and white flowers on it
whose quilts were these?
a green door with flowers painted on the front and side panels, in an empty room
an unmade bed with green and white quilts
a piece of wood that has been placed on the floor with a hammer in it
27 Randoms That Hit Like a Genie Lamp