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a white refrigerator covered in stickers and magnets
Awesome Fridge of Magnets
Awesome Super Mario perler fridge magnets - planned out specifically to create a great scene on the fridge doors.
3D Deer hama perler beads by mizgvus Origami, 3d Perler Bead, Perler Crafts
3D Deer hama perler beads by mizgvus
an apple made out of plastic beads on a black background with the words, apples are green and red
Poison Apple Perler Hama Melty Fuse Beads
an image of a colorful bird on a wood floor
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Rainbow eye perle bead art by kikiskreations
a close up of a piece of art on the ground
Lichtenstein Kiss V by cardinalchang on DeviantArt
a woman's face is made out of beads
Perler Art: Lichtenstein's Girl with Hair Ribbon by thewiredslain on DeviantArt
Roy Lichtenstein
the painting is made out of pixels and has an image of a man in black
The Scream perler bead pattern
a cross stitch pattern with a cartoon character on it
Alpha pattern #9706
Calvin and Hobbes perler bead pattern
a black and white cat with the word nope on it
Alpha pattern #10405
Grumpy cat, nope
a cross stitch pattern with the words love and two hearts in white on black background
Perler Game Over Kandi Pattern
Game Over Perler Bead Pattern
some type of bead art hanging on a white wall next to other beads and decorations
a beaded clock hanging on the side of a white wall with four beads attached to it