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Excavations of a cist burial at White Horse Hill on Dartmoor, England, have produced a wonderful assortment of Bronze Age artifacts.

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The basket (pictured) is around years old and held a collection of ancient beads, wooden earrings and a flink flake, shedding light on a Bronze Age society capable of amazing craftsmanship and international trade

Amber beads and copper jewelry from the Funnel Beaker culture from a bog find at Årupgård near Horsens.

A male garment from the early Scandinavian Bronze Age. Drawn after the textiles found in the bruial mound Muldbjerg, Denmark.

1882 Woodcut Denmark Female Costume Grave Borum Jutland Denmark Tools Archeology - Original Woodcut

Kvindeudstyr fra Borum Eshøj, grav C - Nationalmuseets Samlinger Online