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Ina Nordahl

Ina Nordahl
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Build Your own Horse Pallet Feeder | EASY DIY and CRAFTS

I saw that horse feeder has become old. It needs to be replaced with a new horse feeder. I started for easy horse feeder ideas and there came in my mind to make

Stall run-out porches with runs in the sun.

Run-out porches are a good way to create turnout without using a lot of space. The kick wall featured in this barn is constructed of pressure treated wood, and the siding is concrete composite.


Curved low rise (bayed) stall front with wood door. If I had a huge aisle, I would love to have these stall fronts.

love these paddocks

I appreciate the small pens, as an addition to large pastures, of course. Maybe you need to keep a horse in while you wait on the vet or a buyer. You can stash him there without typing up an easily agitated horse.