oil pastels

13 Pins
an oil painting of a blue lantern with flowers in it and the words insailery written below
a painting of a bull with long horns on it's head and a person in the background
a painting of a red sneaker shoe on the ground
Esperando caminar hacia el futuro!!!
an image of feet and fish in the water
Life is a Danceable Tragedy
a painting of a pair of red shoes with the words los pasos are not to arrive
Thomas Saliot
a painting of a little boy sitting on the ground with his teddy bear looking out at the water
a painting of a man with a hat and tie holding a drink in his hand
a painting of a man with a hat and guitar in his lap, wearing a red shawl
Gaucho Serenade - Albert Kopper
a painting of a man playing the flute with his feet on the ground and one hand holding
The Flutist VIII