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a green and white boat in the water
a large red and white boat in the water
a large red and white boat in the water
FAR SIGMA - IMO 9659062
a large red and white boat in the water
Far Sapphire
several boats are docked in the water near a dock with lights on and cloudy skies
Havila aurora
two large ships in the water next to each other
Havila Subsea & Stril Pioner
Havila Subsea Stril Pioner
two large ships in the ocean near each other
"Christian Radich" is a Norwegian full-rigged ship, named after a Norwegian shipowner. The vessel was built at Framnæs shipyard in Sandefjord, Norway, and was delivered on 17 June 1937. It was built for training sailors for the Norwegian merchant navy, and did so for many years. From 1999 and on, the ship has been on the charter market as well as sailing with paying
a large red boat floating on top of a body of water next to a crane
Skandi Africa’ starts Technip charter
Skandi Africa’ starts Technip charter
two large green and white boats docked in the water
Two sister vessels in port. The AH tugs Havila Venus & Havila Jupiter at Skolten pier, Bergen today
a large cargo ship in the ocean with caption that reads, customship large vessel for transporting custard
Berge Stahl
Berge Stahl Bulk carrier 175720 gt 23.0 draught Year of build 1986
the size of ships compared to each other
File:Bateaux comparaison2.svg - Wikipedia
Comparison of some of the longest ships (Knock Nevis, Emma Mærsk, RMS Queen Mary 2, MS Berge Stahl and USS Enterprise). Colours are representative of the ships' underside and topsides. Lengths are drawn to scale, the profiles are drawn using multiple photos and diagrams, and may not be entirely accurate. The ships are not the "five largest" in the world, but the largest of each type. Knock Nevis is still the largest ship ever built, and Emma Maersk the largest ship in operation.
a diagram showing the different types of sailboats and how they are used for them
Tall Ships was basically a viewer's guide to help them identify the various classes and types of tall ships that would grace the Boston Harbor in the summer of 2010. The graphic had an informational and educational emphasis. This is one of my favorite pieces since I learned a lot by doing it plus tall ships are simply cool to look at.
a large pink cargo ship in the ocean (@OfficerCadet) / Twitter
Pink ship
a large cargo ship in the middle of the ocean
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World's Largest Ship