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Morten Mølster
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Bottle Your Homebrew the Easy Way · Cheap counter pressure filler.

my gorgeous οakιey and rαy bαn sunnies you can pick up for yourself! offers a wude selection of fashion designer sunglassés.

Barrel Aging for Homebrewers. Here are 6 tips to help you get started barrel aging your own homebrew.

Barrel aging opens up a wide range of flavors to patient homebrewers. From how to source barrels to aging on fruit, award-winning homebrewer Neil offers .

The 10 Easiest Beer Styles

An American-style Amber Ale, made with gluten free sorghum. Overlook Amber Ale 5 L, partial mash;

Make Simple Apple Peel Cider With Your Apple Scraps! | And Here We Are...

Got Apple Peels? Make a Simple Apple Peel Cider! Wish I'd seen this a couple weeks ago! So many ideas in the comments too for maximizing the value of having an apple tree. :D Next fall.

Homemade bar.

I so want this in my basement! Maybe extend the top so it has a bigger overhang. saving for geo seeing as he wants a bar for the garage

Food & Beer Pairings

Beer Pairing Certain types of beers can compliment specific food flavors just as wine does. Thanks to Wegmans, these charts provide great food pairing suggestions for