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On this board I will present some of my work over the coming weeks, months, years, eons...
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North American Harvard T-6G The Harvard was used by the Norwegian airforce primarily as a training plane. To get to fly the sleek Spitfire one requisite was that you needed to land the Harvard safely; from the back seat. It does not only look mean the sound it makes is nothing short of fantastic!

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Safety First With a friend we daringly ventured into an old abandoned house. Inside we found clues as to who lived here before what kind of people they were. But the biggest mystery was why did it decay? Why did nobody take care of this once beautiful house on this idyllic location?

Crisp Winter Night A really cold day in January the northern lights decided to light up the night skies. A friend an I braved the freezing cold and ventured out to capture it. Taking care not to wave at it for I was taught as a child not to because then the lights would take me away.

Playful Last Sunday I ventured to Oslo with a friend. We decided to do some shooting by the central station and this guy put in quite the show for us!

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Adjusting for War During the 2nd World War the Germans built a "gunrange" for their heavy artillery. These walls served as a silencer and as a means of stopping shots gone a stray. The walls are riddled with holes of reflecting the calibre hitting them. 8 of them standing up to 10 metres tall and spaced evenly apart. They end inside a small sandfilled cave inside a small hill.

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Spring Aurora April marks the end of the Aurora season for us living in Norway. But what an end the lights were nothing short of spectacular this night and half the time were spent just admiring it and the rest trying to capture it!

Reaching For The Stars I don't know about you but to see the northern lights and the stars so clearly as this night; I can't get enough of it. It's just amazing. I'm really looking forward to the warm summer but also looking forward to see the night skies light up again.

On The Road Again It's spring in Norway and there's 3 big things that happens then. The bicyclists are found in the middle of the roads the smell of cow droppings fills the air and the good old American automobiles like this prime example starts popping up. Yep it smelled like cow droppings from where I took this picture but the cars and the sounds made it worth it!

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The Portal Sadly there's been lots of reports of steel wool photography destroying historical landmarks so be safe when you do it. Do it after rain and have sand and concrete as a location instead of dry wood! And if you have to do it remember the fire extinguisher.

Summer Nights Summer is upon us and in the evenings sights like this is a comming sight. But it never gets old.

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