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On this board I will present some of my work over the coming weeks, months, years, eons...

North American Harvard T-6G The Harvard was used by the Norwegian airforce primarily as a training plane. To get to fly the sleek Spitfire one requisite was that you needed to land the Harvard safely; from the back seat. It does not only look mean the sound it makes is nothing short of fantastic!

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The Death Wall Right outside block 11 in Auschwitz you will find the infamous 'Death Wall'. Thousand of lifes were taken at this very spot. Walking around Auschwitz-Birkenau camps will give you chills down to the bone but it is also a powerful experience and a sobering reminder of what we read in the history books. -

Eyjafjallajökull Maybe the most famous vulcano of recent times? It's eruption in 2010 closed the airspace in large parts of Europe due to ash being thrown many kilometres up into the atmosphere. It looks peaceful enough these days but who knows what Mother Nature is cooking beneath the surface? -

Thingvellir After a short hike in the Thingvellir fissure where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet we ascended into this magnificent sun shining through the clouds. Venturing into the fissure was astonishing alien and a little bit scary because of the earthquakes just days before in New Zealand. A newfound respect and regard for mother nature is impressed on you as soon as you set foot on Iceland. -

Decay Abandoned places in all shapes & forms has always intrigued me. This famous car graveyard has long been on my list of places to shoot. And finally some good photography friends and yours truly took the trip. -

Far Far Away Don't you just sometimes wish you could step through a portal and be far far away in a wonderous place? That's just what I did when I made this image I thought of travel and the pain of actually travelling. -

Betty von Breeze In August 2016 I had the pleasure of doing a fun photoshoot with Betty von Breeze. A photographer friend and myself did a lot of different shots but this turned out to be one of my favorites! Hope you like it as much as I do? -

The Harvard Some planes you just never get tired of watching in the sky especially when it's as shiny as this one! Amazing sounds that tickles your spine as the tips of the propeller starts exceeding the speed of sound! Not to mention the sound of the Pratt & Whitney engine! -

Start of The Season Yes! It's finally gotten dark enough at night for us northerners to see the aurora borealis! Are you as excited as I am to once again to embark out into the night in pursuit of capturing the northern lights? Have you gotten a shot after summer? Show it! -

Majestic View Ever visited the high alpine roads? DO it! You'll love it! A small detour on my summer roadtrip yielded views like this! Yes it was raining and cold and it would have been miserable if it wasn't for majestic vistas such as these -