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a door decorated with paper flowers, leaves and a clown face on it's side
three clown masks are hanging on the wall
30 Ideen zum Basteln mit Kindern zu Fasching
kreative bastelideen basteln mit kindern
two balloons that look like faces are hanging on the wall with party hats and streamers
two colorful paper clowns hanging on a wall with polka dotty walls behind them
a brightly colored clown painted on the side of a window sill in front of a tree
the door is decorated with paper cut outs and balloons, hats, and other items
Montage photo enfants : Thème le cirque
a colorful clown hat sitting on top of a pile of colored paper tubes and cones
a close up of a window with some decorations on the windowsill and an image of a clown
Papierfiguren und -tiere basteln | kribbelbunt.de
Diese kunterbunten Faschingsfiguren zum basteln aus Tonpapier und Krepppapier verbreiten Spaß und Freude! Und sie sind dazu noch super einfach aus wenigen Materialien nach zu basteln. #basteln #diy
there is a colorful octopus hanging on the wall
three clown hats hanging from the side of a wall with streamers attached to them
three paper plates with colorful polka dot designs on them and one has a clown face