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a nude woman sitting on top of a chair
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Ever so gorgeous, Marilyn Monroe throughout the years 💕 . . . .
a painting of a woman in a green dress with big earrings on her left ear
Mystical Dreamer
Liz Taylor
Cheri,Cheri Lady Marilyn Monroe
a woman with blonde hair wearing a black and white dress
The Marilyn Diaries on Twitter
The Marilyn Diaries (@MarilynDiary) / Twitter
a close up of a person with white hair
Helena Drive
a woman in a pink dress is holding a knife and looking off to the side
Marilyn Monroe Pictures
Marilyn Monroe Pictures
Fashion, Girl, Women, Noir, Gorgeous Women
a woman in a blue dress is talking on the phone while another woman looks on
a woman in a white dress sitting on the ground
a woman with blonde hair wearing a white fur coat and pearl necklace, posing for the camera
The diamond by ThexSleepless on DeviantArt