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マルグレーテー : Photo

マルグレーテー : Photo

REALLY love this! Sienna Miller, Golden Globes 2007 Achieve this Heidi-inspired, ethereal style modelled by Sienna Miller at 2007’s Golden Globe ceremony by investing in a faux hair braid that perfectly matches the hair’s natural colouring. Fix over a loose, centre-parted bun and leave strands around the neck and face to soften the look.

Season after season, one trend remains to be sought-after: the braid. Evolving from a classic braid to a French to a fishtail, whichever you choose, you'll be on target with the look of the times.

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller. Beverly Hills, California 1960.

¥THE LITTLE THINGS.The part after dinner when you have no place to go and nothing to do, when you just enjoy each others company, is the defining moment. - Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller, Beverly Hills, California 1960