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I am an INTJ, and was thinking so intently about 10 minutes ago, I walked into a glass door which I knew to be there. so I suppose this could be deemed as accurate.

Guess I'm not the only one who turned every English and History assignment I've ever completed into a sarcastic mess.

This is entirely accurate, even for work. I have such a hard time engaging in anything that seems irrational

We are loyal until someone shows themselves to be unworthy of our loyalty. Repeatedly. We only cut someone like this off after research and careful consideration and weighing all potential outcomes of several possible situations based on research and past behaviour. It is not something we take lightly.

(I'm hyper aware of the weather lol and don't choose to walk in bad conditions) the rest is pretty accurate

A generalization about us, but applicable to me.  /INTJ

Most of these are me as an ISTJ. On a few tests, I've gotten INTJ bc Sensing is my lowest percentage.

INTJ   This is perfect.

INTJ This is perfect. I simply choose not to invest in all the people I meet.