Zombie survival kit

Stay one step ahead of the zombie hordes with our essential zombie survival kit. Be prepared for the undead apocalypse and ensure your safety with these top-rated zombie survival items.
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With the abundance of bad information out there, it's easy for new preppers to make mistakes. I've made many mistakes myself and I'm sure I'll make more, but that's part of the learning process. To help you speed up this process, here are some common prepping mistakes you'll want to avoid.

Giovanna Camargo
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You can still be prepared if you aren’t a “prepper.” I’ve posted before about having a go bag, and also a scaled-down survival pack to store in your vehicle in case of emergency. But the average person isn’t going to invest that much time and money into something that may never happen. This post is about a simple and small survival kit that can be kept in your vehicle and tossed in a backpack or attached to a bag or belt. It will enable survival for at least a day or two in the wilderness by…