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I have treasured Your word in my heart so that I may not sin against You. – Psalm 119:11 Lots of times in the craziness of life, we don’t take time to treasure God’s word. We think that if we aren’t too tired before bed we will read the Bible. Or if life gets less busy we will read the Bible. What we’re actually in essence saying is that we don’t treasure the Bible. We don’t make it really important in our lives. When you treasure something you act like its important or valuable. In many cases, Selfie, Scriptures, Psalms, Reading, Bible Scriptures, Ideas, Lord, Devotional Ideas, Psalm 119 11

How many selfies do you think you take a day? A few weeks ago, a friend showed me her iPod and she said that she had taken over 100 selfies one night just because she was bored. That’s a lot of selfies! Selfies are a fun way to show all your friends the great hair day you’re having or the awesome place you’re visiting on social media. When we take a selfie and post it, we let the world know what we’re up to. Whether we’ve just tried the new coffee shop on the corner, or decided to dye our…

Stacy Lawson
Why You Shouldn't Compromise, Even in the Smallest Ways | Student Devos - Youth and Teen Devotions

It can be really easy to begin to compromise. Many times, you don’t even realize that you’ve compromised in an area. Compromises can happen in big areas of your life, but they also happen in the smaller ones too. Usually, compromise happens in small things. You wouldn’t probably go out and kill someone because that would be really WRONG. But you might tell a lie or cheat on your homework. It’s easy to justify small compromises. If left unchecked, small compromises will eventually lead you…

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Playing with Lego as a little kid was always one of my favorite things to do. I loved to build anything I could get my hands on. I liked building houses, towns, cars and pretty much anything else I could dream up. I remember one year at Christmas, I got a new Lego set. It was a train station, and I just loved building it. I opened up the instruction booklet that came with the set and began following each step to construct the train station. In all the excitement to build the set, however, I…

Makayla Littlejohn