Yarn tail

Add a playful touch to your DIY projects with these creative and fun yarn tail ideas. Explore different techniques to make your projects stand out and grab attention.
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Wolf stories have been around as long as people, but the origins of werewolves can be tracked. Whether you want to transform into a girl raised by wolves or a fierce werewolf, a yarn wolf tail can make your costume. But be warned, this is not a quick project.

Ana Diaz Araiza
Tutorial: How to make a yarn tail - Zibellini body if you can't get ahold of real fur! Cute Crafts, Yarn Crafts, Sewing Crafts, Cosplay Tutorial, Cosplay Diy, Cosplay Ideas, Costume Ideas, Wolf Tail, Dragons

As I mentioned before, I'm making a wolf costume for my friend because we're dressing up as Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, so we need a big fluffy furry tail! I was going to just sew one with fur fabric but the silly fabric shops here don't stock fur in the summer :/ Luckily, I accidentally discovered yarn tails!! The video shows the movement of the tail So obviously I am no professional since this was my first one ever, but it came out exactly how I wanted it so I decided to share the…

CharlieBoy (Dm for rp)
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I learned this from the other yarn tail tutorial here, but I made a few changes and thought it deserved it's very own post! Because of all the love I've been getting, I've taken a better quality picture of the gray tail I've been working on. Please comment to let me know what you think!