Yarn coil basket

Discover creative and functional ways to use yarn coil baskets in your home. Get inspired with top ideas for organizing and decorating with these stylish and versatile baskets.
Woven Yarn Basket - we made these in grade school. So happy to find the instructions on how to do it. Yarn Baskets, Basket Weaving Diy, Yarn Basket, Coiled Baskets, Fabric Bowls, Diy Basket, Variegated Yarn, Weaving Projects, Yarn Bowl

Woven Yarn Basket - Happy Hour Projects

I guess in addition to being on a glass tile kick, I’m also on a basket kick lately. Let me just say – I am in LOVE with making these woven baskets! They are surprisingly sturdy! I had leftover yarn from my last yarn basket project, and since I don’t knit or crochet… what in the world...

Rowan Kirby-Brown
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Coiled Basketry

I really like this one, it's simple even though I used 3 different colors. I've started another one with similar colors, but added a fourth color, green, to better match the clock. I made this little Christmas coiled basket for a friend and of course filled it with chocolate goodies. I've also started another one of these, with a bit more design. Will also try my luck in adding a few beads to this. Hopefully it will turn out all right.

Lynda Decker
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Make a Coiled Basket with Embroidery Floss

There's two kinds of people. Those who love to make tiny things and those who do not. Well, I guess there are other kinds of people in the world, but we won't go there right now. Any new craft I learn, I've got to figure out how to make a miniature version. And so it is with coiled baskets. Another thing I love is untangling embroidery floss. When all the threads are neatly in their proper places, I feel like I've won the battle and can go forth into the world with no fear. So, one day…

Rachel K