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Grigori has lurked in the underbellies and outskirts of the Old Countries of Eastern Europe for hundreds of years. Out of sight, watching, coveting the living, the human lanterns radiating warmth and beckoning him to drain them. Luckily his brood of critters soothe him, keep him at bay. Without them there would have been a century of massacres in his wake. This is a scavanger of the Clan Gangrel. (Personal project where I create my own takes on the vampire clans of the White Wolf rpg Vampire…

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Rokea are weresharks, one of the Changing Breeds of the World of Darkness. The Rokea claim to be the first of the Changing Breeds, as Sea existed before solid land appeared on Gaia and sharks predate all land-born predators. Rokea are effectively immortal. They can not die naturally; once they reach adulthood, their aging process stops. The only way a wereshark can die is through an unnatural death. They tend to gather into small groups called Slews, similar in purpose and behavior to Garou…

Jake Eagar