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Unleash your inner detective with a variety of challenging and fun word search puzzles. Exercise your brain and improve your vocabulary while searching for hidden words in these addictive puzzles.
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It’s summer and I am pretty stoked about that. Not going to lie. My one daughter will be working most of the summer as a camp counsellor. So that’s new. She will be very busy. My younger daughter has a couple of camps she is doing so she’s also pretty busy, but still she needs extra things to do when the schedule becomes a little less structured. That’s where this summer word search and books come in handy. If your kids are like mine at all, they need a high level of activity. Mine are not…

Jessely Ruiz
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This game requires us to maximize our eyes. Sometimes, it is really hard for us to find which things that make two pictures different. The game is produced to trap us by giving a subtle and vague difference with the pictures.