Wooden spice rack

Organize your spices in style with these creative wooden spice rack ideas. Find inspiration to create a functional and beautiful spice storage solution for your kitchen.
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About this item Eco-friendly Bamboo and Carbonization. SANSNOW only use the best nature bamboo which is growth in the south of China, 4 processes carbonization can get rid of the water and sugar in the bamboo, to ensure the good stability, good strength and prolongs its service life Double-layer Paint and Durable. Bamboo products are afraid of humid, in order to suit more occasions, we made double-layer paint, it's also our advantage. Bamboo is stronger and more sustainable than plastic. No…

Cejay Kinyua
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Are your spices a hot mess? If so, this pantry door spice rack is for you! Trust me, I get it! I had to practically empty out our kitchen cabinet just to find that one spice I was looking for. With a small kitchen, we don’t have enough storage to have a tiered spice cabinet […]

Meri Beth