Wooden beer mug

Elevate your beer drinking experience with our collection of unique and handcrafted wooden beer mugs. Discover the perfect mug that combines style and functionality for an unforgettable beer enjoyment.
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This handcrafted beer mug is made from real oak wood. Circles around are stainless steel. Height from the bottom to the top of the handle is 17,5 cm (6.8 inch) Capacity: 23 oz 👉👉 How it works: You place an order. Than you send me an images you want to engrave on the side and on the bottom of the beer mug. Within 1-2 days you will receive a preview how will look your engravings. Then I will wait patently for your approval. PAY ATTENTION: Personalization on the side will be placed the same…

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✅ 100% NATURAL EUROPE WOOD🌲 Handmade Wooden Tankard Beer Mug with Handles with stainless steel cup 20 oz made from environmentally friendly oak. This Beer Accessories for Men is eco-friendly. ✅ GREAT VALUE AND DECOR 🌼 A stainless flask with a capacity of 0.6 liters of Color Wood Viking Beer Mug is mounted inside. Therefore, you can not be afraid of leaking beer using heavy duty Flagon Metal Mugs with Handle Medevil. ✅ VERY PRACTICALITY AND 100% QUALITY 🌸This Thousand Beers Tankard can be…

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Excited to share this item from my #etsy shop: The Green Dragon beer stein Personalized wooden Mug 0.7 l (23oz) Natural wood Handmade Wedding gift Beer tankard Wooden tankard Custom mug Beer, Mugs, Wooden Beer Mug, Beer Steins, Beer Mug, Beer Mugs, Beer Custom, Beer Gifts, Beer Lovers

Wooden beer mug. ***I am a professional artist-master. I've been making mugs for over 23 years For the first time in Ukraine, I invented and created over fifty designs of various wooden beer mugs. I invested in a beer mug all my knowledge and skills. I will do my best to satisfy my buyers' requests. The Green Dragon wooden Beer Mug 0.7 l (23oz), natural wood, handmade, wedding gift, beer tankard, gift for father of groom, grooms gift, gift for him. This handcrafted beer mug is made from…

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