Wiccan sabbats

Explore the significance of the Wiccan Sabbats and discover how to celebrate them with meaningful rituals and traditions. Embrace the magic of each season and connect with the cycles of nature.
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The spring or vernal equinox takes place on or about March 21st and has been celebrated throughout history as a time of renewal and rebirth. This Sabbat is one of rejoicing in all life. The balance of the Earth and Sun are at one with each other again. At this time we strive for balance,… Read More The Wheel of the Year: Ostara

Jessica Rivera
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To some, as soon as they think of the wheel of the year, they imagine dark pagan rituals on summer solstices along with black magic and other things that go bump in the night. And yes it is true that the official Wheel of the Year calendar and its dates were settled by those in

Natasha Weir
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Now is the time of the Autumn Equinox, traditionally celebrated as the second harvest festival, or Sabbat of the Fall Feast (midway between Lammas and Samhain). Twin to the Spring Equinox it’s a time of balance again, only now we move from light into darkness on or around September 22. This time is known as the Mother… Read More The Wheel of the Year: Mabon

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Magickal correspondences are a fundamental concept in many occult practices, serving as a system of symbolic associations that connect different elements of the universe. They are based on the idea of "as above, so below," which suggests that there are meaningful connections between the macrocosm (the universe) and the microcosm (the individual). Correspondences are used...

Jodi Hammonds