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Whole Foods - Located at the southeast corner of Colleyville Blvd and Glade Rd, Whole Foods Market Colleyville is your neighborhood store for connecting with old friends and new ones. We're committed to excellent customer service and, as always, we’re dedicated to stringent quality standards and sustainable agriculture. Shopping with us means you’re getting the highest quality foods available, and you’re helping us support our commitment to local growers, vendors and artisans. Snacks, Layout, Food Retail, Food Store, Whole Foods Market, Grocery Store Design, Organic Market, Grocery Store, Vegetable Shop

Welcome to Whole Foods Market Colleyville! Located at the southeast corner of Colleyville Blvd and Glade Road, we’ve been serving our community since 2014. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality natural and organic products in town and our friendly and knowledgeable team members are ready to assist you. With plenty of seating and a comfortable eating area, this store is more than a community market; it is a community meeting place. Come visit us and see what we have to offer!

Valentine Dumarey
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Since having Lucy, I’ve become even more devoted to buying organic and knowing where my food comes from. Thus I shop almost exclusively at Whole Foods and my local farmer’s markets, where it’s pretty easy to make healthy and eco-friendly food choices. But like many families, we don’t have an unlimited food budget. And shopping at these places without a plan can add up quick. So I wanted to share a few of the strategies that allow me to shop at Whole Foods on a budget. It’s definitely…

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