White granite countertops

Transform your kitchen with stunning white granite countertops. Explore top ideas for creating a modern and elegant look in your cooking space.
The Best White Granites That Look Like Marble

*Disclaimer: This post is based on my experience alone. Unfortunately, I cannot provide resources or distributors who sell any of these stones. I am not a retailer and each granite yard carries a different selection of stones – we found our stone locally in rural South Carolina but I have no way to guide you…

Caitlin Knaus

Hi. So I’m still hunting for a white not so veiny quartzite. Then I saw this White Pearl Granite from Brazil. I’ve never seen a granite like this. It looks like Taj Mahal Quartzite but this White Pearl granite Is whiter not beige like Taj Mahal. Clearly Labeled as ‘granite’ by stone Slab warehouse...

Lindsay Joseph