Western armor

Embrace the spirit of the Wild West with these stylish western armor ideas. Find the perfect armor to complete your western-inspired outfit and stand out from the crowd.
Western / medieval crossbowman concept, Geoffrey BOULLING on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ne4N4 Fantasy Crossbowman, Dark Steampunk Aesthetic, Medieval Bandit, Medieval Crossbowman, Medieval Cowboy, Cowboy Knight, Pretty Armor, Western Bandit, Steampunk Superhero

Western / medieval crossbowman concept, Geoffrey BOULLING

Hi :) ! It’s a character concept based on the american western period and european medieval period. The main idea was simple, i wanted to mix a cowboy with a knight in the first place and find something cool in there. My research led me to make a sort of a crossbowman. The repeating crossbow works like a winchester rifle for the reload system, a revolver for the ammo and its design is based on a compact crossbow like the ravin r9 predator . There is a retractable blade below inspired by a…

K2 Kiwi
Gunslinger Priest, Sci Fi Cowboy Character Design, Fallout Character Art Male, Post Apocalyptic Cowboy, Dnd Wild West, Gunslinger Rpg, Medieval Cowboy, Leather Armor Dnd, Cowboy Bounty Hunter

Leather Armor

this set is the most well.suited for surviving in the wasteland. Its welded metal armor will protect you in battle, while the hat and cloak will shield you from bad weather and radioactive dust A leather and metal armor, it is a medium level armor that will protect the user from animals and low level bandits and looters. The leather armor is a more suited for the adventurous survivor that like to explore the wasteland. in appearance, it resembles a cowboy suit. The head is covered by a hat…

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Steam :: Conan Exiles :: Weekly Community Newsletter: Pets and The Savage Frontier

Good morning, you fluffy little interweb puppies! Welcome back to the community newsletter. This week we’ll be taking a brief dive into Update 34 (Pets, Midnight Grove, Jhebbal Sag), commenting on mod compatibility, talking about our newest DLC (The Savage Frontier), and discuss what’s going to happen in our next livestream. Let’s get to it: Update 34: New Pet System, Dungeon, Religion As you may have noticed, we’ve released the 34th update to Conan Exiles.

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