Welsh language

Immerse yourself in the beauty and richness of the Welsh language. Discover its unique history, vibrant culture, and learn how you can embrace this ancient language in your daily life.
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Those that travel know that the greatest souvenirs are not tacky trinkets or overpriced memorabilia, but the stories, trivia, and memories. Some people love to travel so much that they've amassed a wealth of knowledge about other countries and their experiences there, and naturally, they share them to anyone that wants to listen. Which is most of the time, because many people find these facts interesting. One of such people is Malachi Ray Rempen, a half-American, half-German born in…

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When you sign up for a Welsh course, one of the very first survival phrases you’ll learn is “How are you?”. This “cyfarchiad” (greeting) can be expressed in two different ways: the colloquial “Sut wyt ti?” (NW) / “Shwt wyt ti?” (SW) the formal or plural “Sut ‘dach chi?” (NW) / “Shwt ‘ych chi?” (SW)...Read More

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