Wearing pearls

Discover how to incorporate pearls into your everyday style and special occasions. From classic to modern looks, explore creative ways to wear pearls and elevate your outfits.
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Pearls are the dowager queens of the fine jewelry world. Their soft, breathtaking luster is as at home in a sunlit estate garden party as it is in the smoky shadows of your favorite speakeasy. Favored by fashionistas throughout history from Grace Kelly and Coco Chanel through to Scarlett Johansson and Katy Perry, pearls bring […]

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My new favorite way to wear pearls is with ribbon and a twist. This little trick transforms your look from traditional to contemporary with just a simple twist of the wrist and a piece of ribbon. And the best part? No damage to your pearls! Let me show you how. To get this look, you will need either one very long strand of pearls or two medium length strands. My necklace happens to be the 90" necklace called Opening Night from Premier Designs, but any long stranded necklace will work. (I've…

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If you have been following my blog for a long time, you know I love pearl necklaces. They are so classic and go with everything. It’s a staple every woman should have. Whether it’s a single, double or triple strand pearl necklace, I love them all. I did a Youtube Video back in 2011 on...

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